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'I used to do cocaine...I miss it...I kinda want to do coke again...this song reminds me of the feeling of doing coke.'
Garageband.com review of Cape’s song Listen.

Cape are the newest, fastest, hardest, most exciting rock band to emerge out of London this year. Their fresh and unique sound is an eclectic blend of diverse influences from Idlewild to Muse, Pixies to Strokes, Led Zeppelin to the Darkness. Their fast and furious 3-minute punk hollers ensure that their frenetic live sets leave even the bartender at the back of the venue needing a shower by the time they finish.

Cape have a chequered history that stretches as far back as 1997 when the three founding members, Roy Stride (vocals), Greg Churchouse (guitar), & Dean Burch (bass) started jamming together at school. In true Spinal Tap style it wasn't until the year 2000 that Drummers stopped mysteriously disappearing and spontaneously combusting upon stage and the band settled with the now legendary owner of the 10 inch soft: Mr Peter 'Lard' Ellard. Within 12 months the band managed to gain a management, production and small record deal. A small UK tour followed before the band realised they were being marketed and pushed into the pop market. End of deal.

The group retrenched to lick its wounds and concentrate on writing. In a bizarre twist of fate they won £5000 of recording equipment in a magazine competition and spent the rest of the year trying to make the bloody stuff work. 12 months later, they had a new sound, a new look, and a bundle of freshly recorded songs they were able to take to the road.

The new tunes blend a fast, skuzzy, hardcore punk sound with elements of classic rock song writing and melody. Each song is an aggressive, anguished protest against modern life, whether it is a vitriolic attack on present Bush and Blair administrations, despair with the mediocrity and boredom of suburban life, or explorations into the debauchery and apathy of youth.

Their story will continue ………..

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